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Warehousing Services

Our warehousing facilities are supplied with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure, ensuring the highest storage standards. Designed for space optimization, security, and efficiency, these facilities cater to a broad spectrum of storage needs.

Spread across strategic locations in Zagreb Centre and Zaprešić, We offer a mix of modern technology, expert management, and flexible solutions. Whether you require central city access or large-scale storage near essential transport routes, we have the capabilities to support your business needs.


3PL HUB, Zaprešić

Proximity to Major Routes

Situated just 20km from the Zagreb city centre and near major highways, our 3PL HUB in Zaprešić offers excellent connectivity.

Large Capacity Storage

This facility boasts a substantial capacity, with the ability to store up to 4000 pallets, making it ideal for larger operations.

Full Warehousing Solutions

Equipped to handle comprehensive warehousing needs, this hub provides full-scale storage solutions, catering to various business sizes and requirements.


City HUB, Zagreb Centre (Šarengradska 7A)

Ideal for the Croatian Market

Located in the heart of Zagreb, our City HUB is perfectly positioned for businesses focusing on the Croatian market.

Central City Pick-up & Return Point

This location serves as a convenient central city pick-up and return point for your customers, enhancing their shopping experience.

Accessibility and Convenience

Its central location offers unparalleled accessibility and convenience for both businesses and customers.

What we offer

We offer adaptable storage options for a diversified range of products. From customizable shelving systems to advanced climate control, we ensure that every item is stored under optimal climatic conditions.

Our facilities are secured with round-the-clock surveillance and access control, connected with efficient warehouse management systems for precision in inventory tracking and management.

We understand the changing needs of businesses and offer scalable storage solutions. Whether you’re scaling up or adjusting to market demands, our flexible services can accommodate your evolving requirements.

Our warehousing solutions are tailored to businesses of every scale, ensuring that you receive a customized service package that aligns with your specific needs.

Beyond storage, we provide value-added services such as inventory management, order fulfillment, cross-docking, and logistics support to streamline your supply chain operations.

Our customer support team is always on hand to assist you, ensuring clear communication and a seamless experience.

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